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7 Romantic Date Ideas for Seniors

Getting older is not an excuse to get stuck in a rut.

Going on adventures together is not just for the young. It’s all too easy to want to go back to the same outings, the same restaurant, the same walks.

Variety is the spice of life. Keeping your partner on their toes will help rekindle the passion in your relationship.

Instead of “same ‘ol same ‘ol,” take your long-time partner or new fling on one of these 7 dates that will have them seeing stars.


1. Try a New Type of Cuisine

Instead of going to the same restaurant where everybody knows your name, mix things up by trying different types of cuisine.

Trying regional cuisine in traditional restaurants is an easy way to transport yourself to another country. Never been to Greece? Try an authentic Greek restaurant.

Or how about Argentinian? Hungarian? Peruvian? Thai?

Do enough research into restaurant menus and you will find food that will delight even the pickiest of eaters. Add a bottle of wine or a couple of cocktails and you have all the ingredients for a memorable evening.


2. Take a Class Together

There is perhaps no better bonding experience than learning a new skill together. You will discover new things about each other’s personality and have a new common hobby to talk about.

Whether you are into physical activities, art, or culture, there are plenty of classes you can try as a couple.

Here are a few ideas for classes to take as a couple:

  • Try your hand at learning new cooking techniques
  • Get physical in a group exercise class
  • Get limber in a yoga class
  • Be close and active in a dance class
  • Brush up your artistry with a painting class
  • Mold a new adventure with a pottery class
  • Get out on stage with an acting or comedy class
  • Express yourselves in a choir
  • Help each other relax with a massage class
  • Exercise your brain and culture with a language class


3. Go to the Spa

Nothing says “I’m over the moon for you” like a spa getaway. Treat yourselves to a day or a weekend of pampering and relax in each others’ arms. Many spas offer weekend getaway packages for couples that include couples therapies as well as free food or alcohol.

Bond Over One of These Couples’ Therapies:

  • Couples Back Massage
  • Couples Aromatherapy Massage
  • Couples Hot Stone Massage
  • Couples Pedicures
  • Couples Facials
  • Couples Private Steam or Hot Tub


4. Go on a Picnic

Going the extra mile doesn’t always mean you have to spend a lot of money. Taking the initiative to plan a romantic picnic will show that you really care.

Pack some of your partner’s favorite foods and a comfy blanket and take them to a park or nature trail you’ve never been to. Find a nice open space by a tree where you can have your privacy and spend a romantic afternoon together talking about life and dreams.


5. Day Out at the Market

If artisanal foods and cooking are your thing, go to the market for an adventure in cuisine.

Spend the day perusing the stalls and talking to local merchants and farmers, buying fresh, local ingredients, have a coffee or lunch. Then head home, crack a bottle of wine, and work together to prepare and cook a new dish together.


6. Take in Some Local Culture

Broadening your horizons with some culture is always a great way to spark new ideas and conversation.

See if your local museums or art galleries are hosting any special exhibits in the near future and buy tickets. Fascinating exhibits like Body Worlds travel around the world, and local art galleries often import world masterpieces to display during limited time exhibitions.

Seeing a play, live music, or ballet also make for a fun evening. Try looking for smaller or lesser known shows so you go in with no expectations and can break it down together afterward.

If food is more your thing, look into wine tastings or restaurant tasting menus where you will learn the finer points of cuisine.

Or you can always go to a baseball game! Sports are culture too.


7. Recreate Old Dates With Your Partner

Taking a trip down memory lane is a great way to rekindle the passion from your younger days. Recreating your first date or anniversary with your partner is a great way to relive your courting days and fall in love all over again.

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