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Top 5 Indoor Winter Senior Activities To Try This Season

The cold winter months can bring about feelings of loneliness and isolation for many seniors. However, there are a number of indoor winter senior activities that will keep you out of the cold and still stave off the gloomy effects of the winter season.

This article discusses how the winter affects mood, and types of activities seniors can engage in during the cold winter months.

Importance of Staying Active During the Winter Months

Too bad we can’t all live near the equator!

The dark and cold months of winter can be difficult both physically and emotionally for anybody, and seniors can feel the effects even more. We begin to lack natural vitamin D which can cause seasonal depression, and being indoors more means less exercise and socialization.

Some Effects of Inactivity During Winter Months Include:

  • Reduced Physical Strength
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Depression
  • Brain Fog
  • Increased Risk of Falls

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stop living your life! You should still go out for walks when you can, but sometimes the weather is just too oppressive. So we have put together a list of 5 indoor activities to help keep you fit and keep your mind stimulated during the cold winter months.

5 of the Best Indoor Senior Activities For Winter

1. Exercise

Exercise is key at any age. Staying fit will not only give you more energy but help you stave off pesky winter viruses such as the flu.

If you currently rely on walking, consider joining a gym or swimming at your local community center. These are great opportunities to meet new people, and you can also take fitness classes to vary your workout routine.

For days when getting to the gym or a brisk walk is out of the question, winter is a great time to put together a home workout routine.

Easy exercises you can do in your home include:

  • Sit-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Step-ups
  • Weight lifting

Be sure to also stretch daily and before and after exercise to stay limber!

If you need help putting together a proper workout and stretching routine, talk to your doctor, or try a fitness DVD designed for seniors. Be sure to also read our guide to exercises for older adults for more ideas on staying fit.

2. Join A Book Club

If you are a reader but find you lack the motivation to read in the winter, consider joining a book club. Not only is this a great way to socialize and keep your mind engaged, but it will motivate you to actually finish the books you are reading!

3. Take an Art Class

No matter what your level of skill, you should consider taking an art class. Creative expression is one of the best ways to help overcome the emotional dampening that winter brings.

Don’t be discouraged if you are an absolute beginner; look for classes that are designed for students with no previous experience.

Here Are Some Ideas For Seniors Art Classes You Can Take:

  • Life Drawing
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor
  • Abstract Art
  • Photography
  • Pottery
  • Sculpting

4. Grow An Indoor Garden

You may not be able to garden on your balcony or backyard in winter, but you can still grow a garden indoors.

Having fresh plants in your apartment will help keep the air feeling fresh, and it is very rewarding to see life flourish in the winter months. Not to mention the rewarding feeling of eating food you grew yourself.

You will need to pick plants that are hardy enough to grow inside and ensure you can provide the right amount of light. In some cases, you may need to purchase lighting accessories to help plants thrive.

Some Ideas of Vegetables to Grow Indoors in Winter Include:

  • Herbs such as basil, oregano, and sage
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Sprouts

Be sure to read this in-depth guide to winter gardening by Modern Farmer to help your plants grow and thrive.

5. Take A Trip Abroad

If you can afford it, why not avoid the gloomy chill of winter altogether?

Florida and Mexico are relatively close destinations to escape the cold, and there are always deals popping up for flight and vacation packages or cruises. Be sure to look out for seniors travel discounts as well when booking.

If you want to do something more exciting, maybe now is the time to take that big trip you’ve always dreamt about.

Enjoy The Winter Months To The Fullest

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag if you make an effort to stay active. You may find that the habits you pick up during winter will be ones that you continue to love year round!

If we missed any of your favorite winter activities or you have other suggestions for helping seniors stay active, leave a reply to this post below!

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