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Seniors Health and wellbeing

A Comprehensive List of Resources For Senior Health and Well-Being

Well-being in aging is important to a happy and healthy society.

As a company, we are dedicated to providing aging adults access to healthcare and insurance services so they live with grace and dignity. We have written and collected a comprehensive series of healthcare resources for seniors that we hope you find useful.

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  2. Fitness Resources For Seniors
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  4. Aging in Place Resources
  5. Seniors Social Well-Being Resources


1. Senior Health Care Resources

These articles provide tips for aging well, healthcare costs and other considerations, managing chronic conditions and information about medical insurance.


Healthcare Advice For Aging Well


What Older Adults Need to Know About Aging’s Effects On Nutrition

Learn about the challenges of meeting the needs of nutrition for older adults, and how you can age well through dietary choices.


To Vaccinate Or Not: What Shots You Should Take As You Age?

Find out what vaccinations are recommended for older adults, and why doctors advise patients to take them.


Fighting The Seasonal Flu: A Guide For Seniors

As winter comes, so does flu season. Read this seasonal flu guide for seniors to help you avoid getting sick and a potential hospital visit this season.


Benefits of CBD for Seniors

Seniors report many therapeutic benefits from taking CBD oil. This post explores what CBD is, how it works in the body, potential side effects, and benefits.


Seniors Healthcare Costs and Considerations


Have An Upcoming Hospital Stay? What Older Adults Need To Keep In Mind

Read about what you need to keep in mind as an older adult if you have an upcoming hospital stay.


5 Tips To Reduce Healthcare Costs For Older Adults

Learn how you can reduce healthcare costs as you begin to get older.


What Older Adults Need to Know About Prescription Errors & How to Spot Them

Prescription errors are prevalent and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about these mistakes and how you can stay safe.


5 Forms of Healthcare Fraud Older Adults Need to Beware Of

Learn more about these five types of healthcare fraud and how you can protect yourself from them.


Advice For Seniors To Manage Chronic Conditions


A Senior’s Guide to Managing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be managed by adopting some simple lifestyle changes. Try these tips to slow down bone loss as you get older.


Diabetes And Older Adults: Taking Care Of Your Health

Read about the warning signs of diabetes that older adults should look for and the treatment options available.


A Senior’s Guide to Arthritis: Tips For Pain Relief

This article breaks down the types of arthritis and explores lifestyle changes that can reduce swelling and pain, and dramatically improve quality of life.


Medicare and Medigap Resources


Medicare vs. Medicaid: What Do I Need to Know?

This post breaks down the differences between Medicare and Medicaid to help you find the best health insurance coverage within your budget.


How Does Medicare Work?

The Medicare system can be confusing. What do you get automatically? What are the various supplementary plans available? This post breaks it all down.


Compare Medicare and Medigap Plans

Looking for Medicare or Medigap plans? View our services page to see what plans our agents can connect you with.

2. Fitness Resources For Seniors

These articles provide fitness tips for seniors to ensure the body stays strong and healthy in aging.


Healthy Aging: Activities To Keep Our Bodies Feeling Young

Learn about the fun activities that keep our bodies young and promote healthy aging.


What Exercises Help Older Adults Stay Fit Best?

Learn which exercise for older adults can help you feel young and fit despite advancing age.


10 Balance Exercises For Seniors To Keep You on Your Toes

To minimize the chance of falling as a senior and landing in the hospital, try these 10 exercises for leg and core strength and to support balance.

3. In-Home Care and Assisted Living Resources

These articles provide a starting point for research into in-home care and assisted living solutions, including the pros and cons of each.


In-Home Care Vs. Assisted Living: How To Make The Right Choice

Choosing a care option for a loved one is an emotional decision. This post guides you through the pros and cons of in-home care vs. assisted living and financial factors to help you make the right choice.


Hiring an In-home Caregiver: How to Choose The Right Person

An in-home caregiver will provide peace of mind that a senior is being properly taken care of. Here are steps to choose the best fit for your loved one.


Home Care Workers: What Benefits Do They Provide?

A senior doesn’t have to give up their home to receive individualized care. This post explores the role of the home care worker and how they can help aging adults live independently at home.

4. Aging in Place Resources

These articles provide tips to keep the home friendly for aging adults as mobility and security become more of an issue.


Is it Time to Start Thinking About Fall Protection?

Learn why you should start thinking about fall protection strategies as you advance in age, and what you can do to lower your risk.


Creating A Senior-Friendly Kitchen: A How-To Guide

Follow our how-to guide and learn how you can create a senior-friendly kitchen while aging in place.


How To Make Your Home Safe & Accessible As You Age

Learn the best way to keep your home safe & accessible while you age.


Home Improvements For Aging In Place: Tips For Staying Safe

Home is where the heart is, and adults can grow old in the home they’ve lived in for decades. This is a guide to home improvements for aging so seniors can live at home with peace of mind.


Stay Safe: Home Security Upgrades For Seniors

The last thing you want is to be targeted due to your age. Read this post to learn about systems you can install to feel safe and secure in your home.

5. Seniors Social Well-Being Resources

These posts provide resources for ensuring seniors avoid isolation and stay happy in their golden years.


Aging With Grace


Aging Gracefully – The Benefits Of Growing Old

Aging doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Learn about all the positives that await as you grow older.


5 Ways To Deal With Loneliness As A Senior Citizen

Read our top ways to deal with loneliness as a senior citizen and why it is important to stay healthy in both body and mind.


Seniors and Pets


The 6 Best Low Maintenance Dog Breeds For Seniors

Age should never be a factor when deciding to get a dog, so we have put together this guide to help choose a low maintenance dog for aging adults.


Pets And Seniors: How Pet Ownership Can Benefit Aging Adults

Learn how pets can improve both the physical and mental well being of aging adults.


Seniors and Dating


Top Senior Dating Sites: Find Love in Your Golden Years

This guide aids you in your online dating journey as a senior with breakdowns of some of the biggest and most effective senior dating sites online.


7 Romantic Date Ideas for Seniors

Get out of your rut and take your long-time partner or new fling on one of these 7 dates that will have them seeing stars.


Seniors Travel


The Best Places To Retire In The U.S & Beyond

Read about the most favorable locations for retirees to relocate to in the U.S and beyond.


Healing On The Go: 3 Senior Trip Ideas For a Healthier You

Learn about three unique senior trip ideas and how they can benefit your health in your golden years.


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